Evan Roth

n19.133055e72.794722.in, 2019

Network located video
18:00 min

n19.133055e72.794722.in is a piece from Evan Roth's Landscapes series which are filmed in locations around the world where structures of power, ownership, history and communications infrastructure overlap. The title of the piece serves as a location both in the network (as a URL) and on the globe (as a GPS coordinate). The work was filmed using a camera that has been modified to film within a similar frequency range as internet data flowing through fiber optic cables as infrared light. The video is hosted and streamed from a server in Mumbai, so the act of viewing activates a physical connection between the viewer and the landscape it in which it was filmed.

"n19.133055e72.794722.in" was part of Gallery.Delivery: New Convenience | Berlin 2019.

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