Juliette Gampert

Oshun’s Honey Flow, 2020

30 seconds video | sound

Oshun's honey flow is an invitation to connect with the divine feminine and to practice self-love in the spirit of Ọ̀ṣunality, a sex-positive and African-centered paradigm coined by Nkiru Nzegwu in 2010 in support of postcolonial and non-phallocentric views of sex.

The work explores ancestral data imprinted in bodies and diasporic interrelations between Oshun – the Yoruba deity of rivers, love, sensuality and fertility – the Jamaican legends of River Muma as well as dancehall culture and its female moves. These narratives establish an empowering way we can chose to emancipate ourselves – through the body – from the shame associated with female sexuality in Judeo-Christian cultures.

The river images have been taken at Reach Falls in Jamaica – where Juliette is partly originating from. She appears in the video alongside dancers from Jamaica and the UK (Mama Blazzaz, Racquel Monteith, Jess Baddie and Sammie Jo Jackson). Video assistance: Pancho Cautiion.

Oshun's Honey Flow is part of upcoming in-app exhibition FitArt - Female Body.

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