Andy Kassier (1989, Germany) is a conceptual visual artist. His body of work comprises self-portraits, sculptures and installations in which he discusses matters of wealth, success and the related self-representation in our time.

An essential part of his work concerns the phenomenon of 'self-branding', especially referring to the cultural perception of the 'self' in the digital sphere. How does our comprehension of these terms change in this ever globalizing world? What does it mean to be perfect, to be an influencer, and to have prestige?

Currently Andy focuses on the seemingly fundamental relationship between richness and happiness. In his ostensible banal questioning of what is in fact happiness he also questions aspects of wealth, greed, beauty, gender, narcissistic behaviour, good life and the need of self image in our postmodern, technologically savant society.

In this context the Berlin based artist sees traveling as an important part of his work, the inspiration of new places and cultures influence his artworks, which he creates as a part of each journey.


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