Elisa Giardina Papa

Brush Stroke N.006, 2019

UV print on aluminium
35 x 35 x 0.3 cm
Edition: 3 + 1 AP

Lucia ** =):
How do I delete the grid behind a transparent background?

Re: to @ Lucia ** =):
It already represents nothing.
Wherever you see this grid, you know you are looking at nothing.
You can't delete the "nothing."

From ForumNotPaint.net, accessed May 6, 2012.

Brush Stroke is a flat, minimalist sculpture printed with a white and grey grid on its front side. When seen and photographed from a specific point of view, it is perceived as a deleting brush stroke that erases the space in which it is installed. The greyscale checkerboard has, in fact, become an industry standard used in image editing software to indicate transparency. Brush Stroke troubles this convention by playing with the perceptual gap between off-screen and on-screen space.

"Brush Stroke N.006" was part of Gallery.Delivery: New Convenience | Berlin 2019.

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