Esther Hunziker

Expanding, 2020

30 seconds video | sound

Please smile into the camera. Smile into the camera with your perfect white teeth, with your perfect smooth skin and your perfectly defined cheekbones. This is the time to focus on yourself. You are work in progress that must be tackled. You are both the problem and your own rescuer. You are in charge. You can be anything you want. There are no limitations in your mind. You are able to freely imagine your new reality. You have experienced a powerful shift in thinking. The energy of your mind brings your images into form. You create your reality. Your mind is always in complete alignment with the universal laws. As things come into your consciousness, they begin to float to you and through you.

In our present digital age, the female body, that dominates the pages of magazines and social media accounts, is a retouched body. Society is exposed to a constant deluge of perfected images produced by ever more advanced programs that make it easy for anyone to optimize, retouch and filter ourselves. But, our obsession of self-optimization does not end with photographic representation; we boost our aura, detox our mind, speed up our consciousness, enhance our ego, shape our mind and delete our wounds. The I is work in progress which must constantly be improved and guided through magical virtual makeovers. – We create our reality ...

Expanding is part of in-app exhibition FitArt – Female Body.

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