Giulia Essyad

Giulia Essyad (*1992, lives in Geneva) is an artist, poet, performer. Interested by the power of representation, she experiments with sculpture (ceramics, 3D printing, natural and industrial materials), photography, video and writing, as well as with her own body during performances, live or recorded. Her artistic work has taken her into research and practices that cite the body-positive movement. As a digital native born in a female body, Essyad's practice concerns the representation of bodies, online and IRL, and engages with the varied forms of alienation that come with the consumption and production of body images.

In 2018 she initiated a cycle of works titled Blue Period, which is still ongoing. Locating new spaces within the field of her interests, it uses the color blue as a focal point and signifier for otherness and artificiality. So far, the works have included photoshopped portraits, ball-jointed dolls, various sculptures and a street performance.


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