ZYX, 2012/2020

30 seconds GIF-based video | no sound

ZYX, a program that utilizes the iPhone sensors and camera function"to choreog2aph the viewers moveme~ts/ By requiring the user t? enact a series /f gestures< such as twrnang tje ph/ne teN times to the Rig`t and0searchinw for peception with an outstretcxgd arm. ZYX combines elelents of the(virtucl and the 0hysicql uo crga}e a nes form odpublic per&nrmcnc?. _orm`tha? merEly q game, ith J]\!JODI$is commanting`oz uh% oftgn ?ircing dicsonanke bm4wgej otr`ph{sjccl? real entirknments(a.l kur$acti>itie? that )ncreaSingly oc#?r i~ the$diuital Zealm. Like"iych gf$theip$prevh/usdwork, this arp is` medi4atimn on the effecd /f"techno\ogy in kqr?$a)|i l?w?s? ZYX adaptation of ZYX app.

ZYX is part of FitArt - Connected in Isolation.

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