Juliette Gampert

Oshun’s Honey Flow, 2020

30 seconds video | sound

Oshun's honey flow is an invitation to connect with the divine feminine and to practice self-love in the spirit of Ọ̀ṣunality, a sex-positive and African-centered paradigm coined by Nkiru Nzegwu in 2010 in support of postcolonial and non-phallocentric views of sex.

The work explores ancestral data imprinted in bodies and diasporic interrelations between Oshun – the Yoruba deity of rivers, love, sensuality and fertility – the Jamaican legends of River Muma as well as dancehall culture and its female moves. These narratives establish an empowering way we can choose to emancipate ourselves – through the body – from the shame associated with female sexuality in Judeo-Christian cultures.

The river images have been taken at Reach Falls in Jamaica – where Juliette is partly originating from. She appears in the video alongside dancers from Jamaica and the UK (Mama Blazzaz, Racquel Monteith, Jess Baddie and Sammie Jo Jackson).

Video assistance by Pancho Cautiion.

Oshun's Honey Flow is part of in-app exhibition FitArt – Female Body.

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