Maria Guta

Booty, Sweat and Tears, 2020

30 seconds video | sound

Learn how to fake being a strong, confident and successful woman during telecommuting while supposedly boosting your stamina and sensation. This exercise mainly consists of lower body movements and we recommend doing it under a table, while seated, ideally during a video conference. Having someone watching you while you're at it can increase the intensity and the benefits of this routine. Warning: you might occasionally experience deep depression, anxiety attacks, and tears might flood your keyboard - ignore it! That's all real and reality is our biggest enemy. Remember what they say: you can fake it till you make it.

P.S. Booty, Sweat and Tears is also a self-portrait of Maria Guta in 2020.

Soundtrack by FlexFab.

Booty, Sweat and Tears is part of in-app exhibition FitArt – Female Body.

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