Maria Guta

Interlooped, 2019

Produced by Imverse
Mixed Reality Performance

Created and performed by Maria Guta and produced by Imverse (Geneva based 3D graphics technology company), Interlooped is an installation and an interactive performance using immersive mixed reality technology.

A real-time hologram of the user's body and the performer's body are integrated live into the virtual space. This - first ever - live multi-user volumetric capture installation premiered in New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2019.

A kind of reverse Schrödinger's cat box, Interlooped is teasing the boundaries between what's considered being real and what we call virtual. Focusing on self-perception and embodiment, it's questioning the ways we project our material body into immaterial spaces. How many virtual personas do we have and how do we differentiate the "real" self from the virtual one? To what extent it's all a matter of perception, of what we are being told to believe through images, words etc.?

Performer's and spectator's movements are being recorded as VR snapshots and then played back, as time-looped, multiple versions of themselves filling the space. While sharing control over these parallel realities, the spectator and the Maria Guta (performing) become both content and performers at the same time.

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