Milena Milosavljevic

The topics of social behaviour, groups and contemporary communication are Milena Milosavljevic's (1986, Serbia) key focus and obsession. Her interests are closely related to the way a crowd responds to political and social content, and how they communicate.

In recent years owing to the advanced digitalisation and online networking the importance of groups and their dynamics in virtual communities such as social media has steadily increased. In her latest works Milena Milosavljevic examines how a crowd responds to political and social content and how they communicate by looking closely at social media trends and contemporary communication.

At first glance, Milosavljevic's sculptural works surprise with their heavy physical presence. They are casted in concrete, chiselled out of stone, embroidered on cotton; their solid bodies are very real. This stands in stark contrast with the often ephemeral nature of their content such as contemporary communication, virtual communities and social media. Milena realises these topics in a range of materials always looking for a new challenge and eager to find the material triggering the biggest impact. Her focus on materiality is an exceptional approach through which the artist manages to anchor her examination of the virtual in the real world and give a physical expression to fleeting subjects such as online communication.

photo by Reiner Kaltenbach
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