Nadja Buttendorf

Art Nail Kit - based on Art Nail: Hanging (2016) -, 2018

The kit contains in a pink plastic bag: 1 x pin, 1 x tip glue, 1 x sanding paper, 1 x suspension, 1 x instruction leaflet
7 x 10 x 0.5 cm (packed)

Nail art studios form an integral part of today's street scene and are at the same time - thanks to YouTube and Instagram - part of global pop cultural mass phenomena. Nail art studios are places of bodywork in which beauty ideals are produced. But, fingernails can be more than long and colourful. Providing a perfect surface for experimental prosthetics and political body extensions, they are a highly underrated body part. As part of the installation process of Gallery.Delivery at the orderer's home, the courier hangs himself to the wall - so to say a symbol of his absolute availability.

"Art Nail Kit" was part of Gallery.Delivery | Berlin 2018.

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