Ramaya Tegegne & Soraya Lutangu - Bonaventure

Close Friends (Excerpt), 2019

30 seconds video | sound

Close Friends is a feature on Instagram, it stands for the friends we have chosen, the ones with whom we have formed a community. Soraya Lutangu and Ramaya Tegegne meet at an intimate space, a place where they can talk about anything and everything, a place of care, protection, community, speculation, resistance, cooperation and flamboyance to fight the technologies of domination and reflect on their position as POC artists in a predominantly white cultural environment.

In this excerpt of the original 2019 work, we watch the artists gently applying argil masks onto each other's face – care as an expression of friendship, Black-feminism, ritual, generosity, renewal, and celebration of their identities. We care 4 u.

Video by Erika Nieva Da Cuhna.

Close Friends (Excerpt) is part of in-app exhibition FitArt – Female Body.

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