Reinier Bosch

Reinier Bosch's (1980, the Netherlands) work can best be described as design sculptures. In his recent works for Roehrs & Boetsch he has brought his work to a new level of abstraction. In them Reinier follows a new tradition of minimalism and sculptural art in pursuit of a quest towards abstraction, incorporating new elements and techniques in revolutionary ways. The aesthetics of his oeuvre have undoubtedly been influenced by minimalism, yet his works breathe a poetry and a lightness rarely found in abstraction. This is consistent with the invitation he offers to his spectators for a subjective interpretation that goes beyond physical appearance of the works and challenges them to see beyond what is in front of them.

To bring out these qualities, Reinier Bosch feels it is important to infuse the design process with as much energy as possible. Traveling and working with the best craftsmen are an essential part of the creative process. On every level, the joy of the simplicity of creation and the joy derived from action – the pouring, ripping, cutting apart – creates the works of Reinier Bosch.

photo by Ian Scigliuzzi
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