Theo Triantafyllidis

Self Portrait (Reclining Ork), 2019

Pin-up poster with Ork signature
Digital print on 115 g glossy paper | folded
70 x 100 cm
Edition: 300

In Self Portrait (Reclining Ork) the artist as Ork is flirtatiously staring at the viewer. Caught in a moment of reflection, the artist is intimidating and tender at the same time. The gender-ambiguous avatar has been the virtual manifestation of the artist on his previous series of works titled "Role Play", a year-long performance in Virtual Reality where the artist as Ork produced a series of augmented sculptures and paintings. The Ork character now exits the artist's studio, for a moment freed from the burden of labor, an idealized being in conflict-free coexistence with nature.

"Self Portrait (Reclining Ork)?" was part of Gallery.Delivery: New Convenience | Berlin 2019.

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