Lorna Mills – Minting Advent & Burning Christmas

1. 12. – 25. 12. 2020

«Minting Advent & Burning Christmas» is both the title for a tokenized art collection of 25 GIFs by Lorna Mills presented in the form of a minted Advent Calendar as well as a solo exhibition unfolding on the blockchain.
From 1 December, advent doors are minted on the Ethereum blockchain to reveal – day-by-day – a new GIF created by Lorna Mills. Consecutive doors are opened every day leading up to Christmas Eve. Every day a new art work is minted as a NFT token in an edition of 240. Some of the art works will be given away as gifts, most will be offered for sale. And some – those which won't find an owner – will be burned after Christmas Eve.

Public sale on app.rarible.com/ma2020bc ends on 24 December, 24:00. The initial offering price for each door is 0.01 ETH (approx. 5-7 USD).

The final edition size for each door will be locked-in by burning all owner-less tokens. The ashes of all burned tokens will resurrect in form of a special edition token minted on 25 December 2020.

In order to take part in this first blockchain endeavour, you need to download and install an Ethereum wallet in your browser (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge) which will create an Ethereum blockchain address for you and will allow you to get ready for Christmas with a collectible by Lorna Mills!
Please take the following simple steps to download, install and enable an Ethereum wallet in your browser using the MetaMask app. Troubles? Have a look at this YouTube tutorial. Still troubles to install the wallet? Drop us a line and we will help you.

Concept by Nina Roehrs and Armin Blasbichler.


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