Mélodie Mousset – HanaHana "Full Bloom"

17. 5. – 1. 6. 2019

Roehrs & Boetsch is proud to present the latest version of Mélodie Mousset's award winning virtual reality work HanaHana - for the first time ever - in a multiplayer set-up.

HanaHana "Full Bloom" immerses users in a surreal universe in which a gleaming sun beats down on a crimson lake and on desolate sandy islands populated only with monumental totemic ruins. Emerging from this barren landscape are chains of arms and hands varying in size and skin tones, which bloom and unfurl like flowers. Users can cultivate this bizarre wilderness, they can endlessly sprout new arms and create the most unexpected hallucinatory constructions limited only by one's imagination.

In this collective sandbox, each user’s creations remain in place, forming a work of art where the community of players are the artist of a collaborative creation. This experience has now been taken to the next level: a multiplayer interactive artwork in which users on different computers or in different locations can interact with each other in real time as they shape and mutate the world around them. Through the multiplayer option, the collaborative aspect of this virtual reality experience is heightened even more making HanaHana “Full Bloom” into a site of collective experimentation.


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