In recent years, the rapid pace of technological progress and increasing digitalisation have not only had a major impact on contemporary society, but also continue to evoke old and new issues in a wide range of art-related topics. New technologies and their application for artistic practices have greatly expanded the variety of media and creative possibilities. Consequently, artists in this field are continually testing the boundaries of what is conventionally considered "art" while also developing a new set of aesthetics. 

Given these rapid changes in the art world in recent years, Roehrs & Boetsch is the first and to date only art gallery in Switzerland to devote its programme to exploring digitalisation and its implications for society. For us, the term "digitalisation" is intended not as a technological description limiting the gallery programme simply to artists working in New Media. Rather, it should be understood as the common denominator pervading their creative practices.

By working very closely with young as well as emerging artists, our exhibitions explore and critically reflect the relationship between contemporary culture, digitalisation and art in a range of media and techniques. Furthermore, as an art gallery, we take great interest in actively discussing and developing new forms of exhibiting artworks where conventional methods have failed. 

Our overriding mission is to create a space for critical reflection on current and past developments as well as provide a platform for new positions in art.