CUBE – Virtual Gallery for Virtual Art

The rapid development of computer, network and virtual reality technologies is prompting artists to make increasing use of these also as artistic media. At the same time, the characteristics of digital and virtual artworks – such as overcoming gravity – are calling for innovative, more targeted modes of presentation.

CUBE is a virtual reality platform, which simulates a virtual gallery for virtual art. New virtual reality architectures such as CUBE are the logical environment for digital and virtual art, especially three-dimensional art. With that in mind, CUBE is primarily intended for digital and virtual artworks with no physical prototype for which a faithful realization in the physical world fails or seems illogical. 

CUBE serves as a testing ground not only for new digital and virtual artworks, but also for virtual modes of presentation. Roehrs & Boetsch sees CUBE as the incubator for a development process that is still in its infancy, one which will spring from the interplay between artistic creativity and growing expertise in the field of virtual reality coupled with new technological possibilities.

This new exhibition concept is the brainchild of gallery owner Nina Röhrs, while artist Manuel Rossner was commissioned with artistic design of the architecture and technical realization of the project. Together, they developed CUBE over the course of one year.

On 16 January 2019, CUBE has been launched at the gallery in Zurich with an inaugural group exhibition on sculpture. Further developements and exhibitions are planned for 2021.



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