FitArt provides art shows on your phone in the form of a fitness plan. Available to download for iOS and Android, the application is designed as a series of workouts, featuring exercises created by artists.

Concept: Nina Roehrs & Damjanski

Programming: Barbosa

In recent months, in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, authorities worldwide have imposed the closure of public places with increased risk of contagion, from art museums to gym facilities, asking the population to stay home. This has contributed to the rediscovery and popularization of digital fitness training formats designed to guide movement and maintain or gain physical fitness while on isolation. Against this backdrop, FitArt appropriates the design of popular fitness apps to bring artists' works to the viewer – onto the personal mobile phone.

Building on widely spread and highly accessible technologies – a mobile phone and an app developed for it – FitArt grants a wide audience to experience works of art even in times of social distancing and isolation. The result, a new exhibition format for art in the digital age, and at the same time, a consolation patch for all those who suffer from the shutdown of the physical playgrounds of art consumption.

In June 2020, the launching 7-minutes workout and in-app show Connected in Isolation was released. In November 2020, it will be followed by a second workout / show.

Join FitArt – Fitness Art Club powered by Roehrs & Boetsch by downloading the app and start your first workout.