Simone C. Niquille / Technoflesh

Proxybody III, 2015/2016

Fabric that enmeshes the physical body in a new skin.
Digital print on soft-shell fabric
approx. 145 x 195 cm
Edition: 3 + 2 AP

Proxybody is a collection of physical textures as they are used to 'skin' digital 3D objects, printed on soft-shell fabric. Draped on a human form, the fabric simulates the mechanism of a texture in 3D software, enmeshing the physical body in a new skin. Proxybody is inspiredby people's use of their own bodies in attempting to understand new imaging technology, with the result of digitising their own intimate corporeality: Specifically the scanned body fragments, forgotten limbs and uploaded girlfriends of Autodesk's 123D catch 3D scanning application. Proxybody collects these digitised 'ghostskins' and scanned body parts via the application's publicly accessible database and assembles them into new digital bodies. Printed on fabric, these digitally constructed bodies become wearable identity surfaces. A collage of gender, race and age, the fabric on display isa wearable communal body providing individual privacy through shared identities. The fabric encapsulates one's own identity while rerouting identification via bodily proxies. Proxybody is an experiment in data intimacy, anonymous identities and collectivity.

"Proxybody III" was part of Gallery.Delivery: New Convenience | Berlin 2019.

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