Stephanie Goh Hui En


soap, chinese ink, plexiglass, iPhone boxes, acrylic
28.4 x 28.4 x 114.5 cm

The smartphone is a highly prolific dandy piece of technology that has greatly altered the way we communicate and connect, to people known or unknown as well as to content. Its usage has infiltrated deeply into lifestyle and habits, alongside the development of certain dependencies. The mobile phone has evolved to become a highly personal object. Phone always on hand, phone always in hand. Associated gestures are highly intimate, a swipe, a pinch, quick soft taps, long holding taps ...

The iPhone 5s-oap is a bar of soap infused with chinese ink that stains your hands black as you caress, fondle and squeeze it to lather up the soap. Its ephemeral traces are highly visual as it stains your hands, and disappear eventually as you wash your hands clean of it.

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