Alexandra Bachzetsis

A Manual for Desire (Excerpt), 2018

30 seconds video | sound

Bachzetsis examines how contemporary media culture inscribes itself in the body and picks up stereotypical ideals of body and behavior spread by mass media and treats them by means of persiflage. In this sense, the character in this excerpt from A Manual For Desire (2018) wears high heels, a wig, breast and rear paddings, as well as an orthopedic back belt as corset, and restricts her freedom of movement to the same extent that she adapts her body to standardized ideas of sexual attractiveness. Bachzetsis uses these props of a world oriented towards fast consumption to develop instructions for new motion sequences.

Text source: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.

A Manual for Desire (Excerpt) is part of in-app exhibition FitArt – Female Body.

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