Bastiaan de Nennie – Blending Presences

18. 5. – 22. 7. 2017

Bastiaan's works can be considered as a new tradition of 'phygital' (physical + digital = phygital) sculptural art, dealing with the physical and digital architecture of our surroundings.

He departs from a pre-digital reality: the world of things we have, mostly, experienced through their forms, colours, fragrances and textures. Once selected, these objects are 3D-scanned, the scans are dissected, and the components are used as building blocks for new digital creations. After a multifaceted computer-based creative process, these then reappear as a new blend of phygital presences materialized in the form of 3D-printed sculptures – a new creational process that is the basis for sculptures with before unknown shapes and colors.

In his figurative sculptures Bastiaan portraits both harmony and dualism as he merges the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of both fields into new creatures, simultaneously belonging to either sides.

'Blending Presences' will comprise two new sculptural work groups: a group of 'guardians of spirits' and a group of 'corpo-real identities', divided into two sub-groups of 'weirdos by heart' with lovely weird features, partially lent from the artist himself, and a conclave of 'divine idols' with some few traces of a diviner nature which look out through their corpo-real baseness.


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